The fascination of abandoned places

Since I, as a little boy, went exploring the abandoned halls of the nearby industrial area, and in the abandoned grocery store of the old village, the fascination of abandoned places has been with me.

It gave me some fun experiences as a boy, and later some exciting travels and trips.

In the beginning, it was only the experience I went for, and it was not until 2014 that I brought a camera to document my experiences.

It was also in 2014 that I took my first trip, solely to visit abandoned places.

There I stood on the first, and very early morning, in front of an abandoned castle in Belgium. It's when I look back, the first time I was really deeply impressed and amazed at how fascinating abandoned places there are out there. And the same place I knew that journey would not be the only one of its kind, and from there it really took off.

The journeys and trips became more, as I found more abandoned places. The photo equipment was upgraded as I did not feel I came home with photographs of good enough quality to have the photos printed.

But what has not changed along the way is my curiosity about what the next place is I should visit and document.​

The fascination can be just as great whether it is a small house, or a large factory I visit. The most important thing is that I can sense the life that once was.

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Photographic projects I work on

I am now working on two different photo projects.

A photo documentary project where I, as a photographer, travel around the world, photographing and documenting the most fascinating abandoned places. The photographs I have collected over the years, and the pictures together with a little history, I post here on my blog abandoned places

I want all my photographs to reflect what I see and the story the place tells me when I am out photographing.

In addition to my photo documentary project, I also have a photographic art project.

The big difference between the two projects is that I as an artist

allows the use of creative devices that are not allowed in photo documentation.

I work with different techniques, when I photograph, and in the editing, to get exactly the expression I want in the work.

The most important thing for me is that my finished works are true to the history of the abandoned places, and cherish their anonymity.

All the photographs that are printed are signed and numbered, and are always printed in a limited edition of 30 editions.

Photographic books

I have made a small selection of photo books and booklets, from some of the fascinating places I have visited on my travels around the world.

These are not large beautiful works, but most of them are smaller booklets with some cool places in them.​

The releases can be found on Blurb, and on Amazon they can be purchased from time to time.


Exhibitions at galleries and in art associations

I like to exhibit my works, and am always ready for an exciting collaboration.

So should you have a gallery or be a member of an art association or have any ideas please contact me - I would love to hear from you.

Below you can see some pictures, from previous exhibitions at various galleries, and in companies.
You can also see a selection of what previous customers have written about me on Trustpilot.


Contact me here

I would always like to hear from you, be it about photographic art, abandoned places, or any other questions you may have.


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