Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

If you do not find the answer here, you can contact me. These can be questions about photo art, or if you have questions about abandoned places.

I am in favor of respect and discretion around the places, therefore I do not give out addresses in abandoned places.

What is the delivery time of the photographic works?

All work will be done by order, and it's a timeconsuming process with a lot of handcrafted work, the production time is about 3 weeks, before shipment. All works will be limited to 30 editions. You will get a signed and numbered piece of art delivered directly to your door.

What materials can will the works be printed on?

I print my works on two different materials.Bake glass in frame and directly on an AluDibond plate. See more about Photographic printing materials

Why can I not get printed on canvas?

I have chosen not to sell my photographs on canvas, as with the tests I have done, I have not come close to a result that lives up to the quality I want. I am constantly keeping an eye on new printing techniques that deliver the same high result that can be expected when printing photo art in the highest quality.

How do I find abandoned places?

I spend a lot of research time. Reads local newspapers, and reads articles online. These are both Danish and foreign articles, so I use Google Translate a lot. When I have found something that looks interesting, I look at Google Earth, and see if the place also looks abandoned from the outside. Eventually I drive a lot of kilometers by car, and look both at the places I have marked before, but when I drive past something that looks abandoned, I stop and take a closer look at the place. So it takes a lot of work, but there is nothing better than opening the door to an abandoned untouched place that you have found yourself.

Can you order you for a photo assignment?

I only photograph buildings and spaces, and I can easily order such a task.

Can I ask where the abandoned places are?

You can always contact me for a chat about abandoned places, however I will not give out addresses or anything that reveals where a place is. I do this for safety reasons for the abandoned places, which in my opinion should be allowed to remain untouched, for as many years as possible. Unfortunately, it is often seen that the places are smashed, or are exposed to theft. So to minimize the risk of something happening to the sites, I do not hand out the addresses. We must remember that we visit places that have previously brought life to life, and we must have the necessary respect for that, both when we visit them, but also after.

Which camera do you use?

I shoot with a Sony A7RIII camera. It is a mirrorless full-frame camera that is incredibly compact. I photograph in natural light, and since there is usually quite bad sound in these places, I photograph on a tripod.

What does Urbex mean?

Urbex is an acronym for Urban Exploration, which is about exploring man-made places and things that are not normally available. It can be abandoned places, exploring on the city roofs, in sewers and still active things like factories and the like. All in all, these are the things that you are not allowed to see on a daily basis. The possibilities are many, and it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits.

What does 'Take only pictures, leave only footprints' mean?

Basically, it is about the fact that we can only visit these places if we treat them with the necessary respect it requires. So you only go in if the place is open, you take nothing with you out again, and do not put anything away from you, or move things around. That way, the places and their stories will be preserved for as long as possible.