Photographic art for sale

​All my photographic art works are sold limited edition in only 30 editions, numbered and signed on the back.

I only use the best materials in the printing and framing process and collaborate with a certified printing lab to get the best results.

With the invoice, you will receive a description of the work, which also serves as a certificate of authenticity. Read in details about the

print materials I use in the works.



The works are either printed on Hahnemühle Silk Baryta paper, glued directly to a glass plate and finished with a beautiful frame in black-stained ash wood. Or you can have the work printed directly on an AluDibond plate without a frame.

All works are printed in 75x50 cm as standard, but we can agree on other dimensions and other materials.

UltraClear 75x50 cm handmade black-stained frame in ash wood: EUR 650

AluDibond 75x50 cm printet directly on aluminium without frame: EUR 400

​I ship worldwide at a reasonable price.

Contact me for any questions and inquiries.

Photographic art or photo documentation

I have been photographing for many years and have documented a sea of ​​abandoned places. With love for both photo art and abandoned places, it made good sense for me to continue working on some of the photographs I brought home from my travels.

When we talk about photo documentation and photo art, it is crucial to distinguish between the two.

Photo documentation provides no opportunity to make creative choices in the finishing of the images. Here I document the reality I see without removing or adding details to my photographs.

On the other hand, photographic art gives the artist the opportunity to make some creative choices, to make the work create a feeling, come up with a message, or something I do a lot to create space for the imagination.

All the places I visit have a story behind them, and I try to give a bit of it, but still so little that the viewer himself has to create a history through the work and the place I have photographed.