• Henrik Haupt

Abandoned amusement parks: Funcity Varberg

Updated: May 9

Himleriket poster and Fun City logo

The history of a wild project

The story of the abandoned amusement park Funcity in Varberg started in 2004. Here Pierre Andreasson bought on behalf of Axels Tivoli the park Himleriket which the previous 11 years was owned by Gay Ljungberg.

Pierre wanted to build the largest amusement park in western Sweden. The wish for the park was that it should become a mixture of amusement park, camping, water park, circus, and zoo.

Map of Fun City Varberg

The plans were to expand the park into what would become a unique park and a desire to make the largest of its kind. This meant that over the next ten years, a total of DKK 150 million had to be built. SEC.

Already the first year at the opening in 2005, the plans were to triple the number of guests from the year before.

It required a lot of rebuilding for the goal to be reached, and on 28/5, most of the park opened, but one of the most important details was missing. For the water park had not yet been completed, and that part had to open later.

Sign on Fun City Varberg front gate

It all could have been a good and happy story, but beneath the surface lurked several less good stories. The park became known for dangerous slides, and there were criticisable conditions for both animals and staff.

The park also did not have enough visitors, and after a bad summer in 2011, Pierre decided that from 2012, only the park's water park would open. But it did not turn into much more, and shortly after, the park closed for the last time.

In addition to these challenges, the park also faced some lawsuits regarding illegal construction on the campsite located just outside the park. So, unfortunately, these were not the best conditions to continue the project.

Since then, Fun City in Varberg has, among other things. The house was run by refugees, but the wish was that summer land should still be run on the land. I found a sign at the entrance where it was written in ink that we will open in 2014, but this never came to anything.

Tropical beach in Fun City Varberg

As the story goes, on my visit, the place was pretty empty.

There were still small neglected wooden sheds that have housed some of the animals, and some of the rides were still standing.

Gun City in Fun City Varberg
Part of fun rides in Fun City Varberg
Abandoned ice cream stall

The water park was still standing, and such a place is always interesting to photograph. It is easy to imagine the joy that has been here when the place was filled with children and parents.

Waterslides in Fun City Varberg
Pirate ship in Fun City Varberg
Abandoned amusement park
Abandoned amusement park in sweden

The latest plans for the park were to expand with a surf center with a pool measuring 300 x 80 meters, which was to be built next to the existing water park that was still to be kept open. The plans have never come to fruition, and today everything except the big figure in the water park has been torn down.

I found a teaser from 2011 on YouTube from Fun City Varberg.

I have photographed a few different abandoned amusement parks. In Italy, I found an

abandoned theme park: Greenland. Here, I found an old rusty metal slide, still with some carriages on.