• Henrik Haupt

Autokerkhof: Abandoned car cemetery in Austria

Updated: May 10

Abandoned car cemetery in Austria

I had planned a longer trip through Europe. It was to go through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France and then home again through Germany.

So it was one of the longer trips, but I had found some amazing abandoned places in the countries that I had to try to get into. The biggest challenge for me was that I had been hit by a good bit of flu and really was not into standing in cold weather with my camera. But I was hoping that the desire would come along with some of the places I was going to visit.

Abandoned cars

Abandoned cars

The car cemetery here in Austria, or Autokerkhof as it is called, was the first place I had to visit on my long trip. And because of the many miles I had to cover, I had to start early in the morning. I arrived at the car cemetery here, which was a bit strange placed in the middle of a city. Usually, these places get demolished or trashed quicker than the places in the middle of nowhere. The amount of decay I found on these cars looked like the car cemetery had been far away from cities, with only a few people coming by. I parked in the middle of a residential road and went down, and found my way in. Fatigue and illness quickly faded into the background, and I ended up spending some time walking around among all these old models. I found it quite fascinating to see what different models you see at the car cemeteries I have visited around Europe.

Natural decay at some abandoned cars
Abandoned cars rusting away
Abandoned cars in car cemetery

I always thought that when the cars are covered in rust, moss, and plants, it gives the extra feel of how long they have been left behind and probably not been moved. There were lots of that kind of thing here, so I was really glad I defied fatigue and illness.

I often hear people say, 'How unfortunate that these old cars end their days here'.

As a car lover, I understand what they mean, but I still think they fit just as well here as if they were driving around on the roads. They get a whole new life here, which was never meant to be when they were built. However, if the models are very rare, and some of the last cars left. They would be better served by being restored and preserved as long as possible, instead of decaying completely, as I have often seen them do.

Abandoned cars in car cemetery
Abandoned rusty cars
Beautiful decayed abandoned cars

After some time in the car cemetery, I had to find the car and move on quickly because I had quite a few kilometres to cover the following places I had to visit. The next place I hoped to be able to visit an old weaving mill located in Austria and still had lots of the old machines standing. You can see the pictures on my post here: Spinning Mill