• Henrik Haupt

Blue Power Plant: Abandoned in Belgium

Updated: Jun 1

Abandoned industrial buildings in Belgium

In an old industrial area that played a role in the Belgian metal industry, I explored some of the many buildings. It was fascinating to walk around the area and see how the many parts hung together with rails and conveyor belts.

I had been inside some different parts, and I was about to finish off and find some dinner.

But on the way to the restaurant, I passed a single place that I thought would be the last part to see before finishing.

I had no idea what this place was hiding. There were large demolition machines on the plot, and it looked like the demolition was in full swing, so I did not have very high expectations.

It turned out to be the power plant to supply electricity to some of the large factories in the area.

Pipes in abandoned industrial building

I went straight through an open gate and entered some dark hallways at the bottom of the building. I could hear strange noises from the floor I was standing on, so it was pretty clear I was not alone. It's always hard to know what to meet in places like this, but I was not prepared for the following things I would encounter.

The sounds I could hear became more apparent, and it sounded most of all like someone was working. In the corner of the basement, I saw a pair of legs sticking out of a machine. I could see that the person was in the process of disassembling it, and he did not respond to my call at all, so I quickly moved on without talking to him.

I got up in the hallways above, but there wasn't much to photograph, so I had to try to find something more exciting. I followed some of the many pipes and hoses that seemed to run into a hall next door.

I found a small hole that I could just squeeze through, and on the other hand, something of an experience awaited.

Abandoned turbine hall
Turbine at abandoned power plant

One of the surprises in abandoned places

It was one of those lucky hits because I stuck my head directly into a giant turbine hall.

The last evening sun coming through the windows gave a fantastic light and excellent opportunities for some nice shots.

I spent the next hour photographing turbines and ended up in the associated control room. The site has been named Blue Power Plant, due to the large turbine at the bottom of the power plant.

Control room in abandoned power plant
Overview of an abandoned turbinehall

I made a short video that was shot with a POV camera, you can see it here:

It's cool to come across these gems out there, and it's experiences like this that make me continue my search for unique abandoned places.

I have visited some pretty cool power plants over time. One of them is the Italian Centrale Termoelettrica

I found both a nice control room, cooling tower and some interesting huge fans, which provided some good opportunities for pictures.