• Henrik Haupt

Abandoned cars in Europe

Updated: May 9

In some of the abandoned places I visit in Europe, old cars are rusting away.

There are often cool motifs in a pile of old cars.

I have looked through my photographs and found pictures of the cars I have found in Europe that I thought was the most unique.

Piles of cars in car cemetery

The car cemetery in Sweden

I have come across quite a few different abandoned cars in Sweden. Among other things, I visited a couple of car cemeteries which were really exciting. Here are some pictures of the farthest north I visited a while ago. It's hard not to be fascinated by the many piles of beautiful decayed cars hiding in the woods here.

Rows of cars in a car cemetery in Sweden
Abandoned cars in Sweden

Landrover collector

Sometimes you come across places that, at first glance, are not very interesting but still hide a bit of a surprise. I walked around behind a barn on a newer abandoned farm and stumbled over a pile of Land Rovers of a different vintage. A picture emerged of a real collector who had previously lived on the farm.

Abandoned Land Rover cars

Abandoned and forgotten Volvo in Denmark

Somewhere in a small town in Denmark, I found a house with a couple of interesting cars. But it was the car in the field behind the house that was the most exciting. An old classic Volvo that I caught on a frosty cold morning.

An old abandoned Volvo

Rusty cars in mine

In a mine in France, a pile of old cars stands rusting away.

The story goes that the cars during World War II were hidden in the mine. Whether the story is true, I, unfortunately, do not know.

It was really fascinating to look into what from the outside did not look like anything exciting, but the inside was filled with these beautiful treasures. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this mine to save anymore.

Abandoned car in mine in France
A mine in France full of abandoned cars

A Swedish surprise

On a good trip to Sweden, we kept quiet next to an old garage that was clearly abandoned.

We were getting pretty tired, so we could not quite decide if we should look inside ..... But of course, we should, because you never know what is waiting.

It was all worth it to overcome the fatigue, for there hid two fine models. A Borgward P100 and a Ford Anglia.

A Borgward P100 abandoned in a garage in Sweden
Abandoned Ford Anglia in Sweden

American luxury

Here in Denmark, I have also had some luck finding old abandoned cars.

On an otherwise pretty uninteresting abandoned farm in Denmark, this Plymouth v200 stands.

A really cool car that would have looked cool in restored condition, but as a little hidden treasure, it also does very well.

Fascinating abandoned american car

The forgotten the Jaguar

In the time I have been looking for abandoned places, it has happened sometimes that some very special places appear. In this garage, this Jaguar Mk1 appeared. There is nothing better than when you come across special cars like this.

Abandoned Jaguar in garage

Abandoned Ford A

I want to finish off this old Ford A. It stood in a garage on a farm that I had visited before, without seeing the car. But on my second visit, I was a little more aware of the garage on the edge of the lot.

So when I pushed the gate aside, and this one was staring at me, I was quite surprised.

Abandoned Ford A

As you can see, I have a love for old abandoned cars, and I have found some of them around.

Another cool place with some special cars was an abandoned autokerkhof