• Henrik Haupt

Farm of the famous brothers

Updated: May 10

Exterior shot of abandoned farm in Denmark

I have seen many abandoned places in Denmark, and one of the places that made a big impression on me was Anders and Julius' farm in Rostved on Djursland. For a few years after the death of the last of the famous brothers, I had the opportunity to visit Skuregården.

The brothers became a couple of familiar faces when Søren Ryge moved to one of the neighbouring houses in 1984 and began to visit them on the farm.

In 1988, it became a feature on DR whether the pigeons the brothers had. After this, Søren Ryge made several programs with them over the next few years. It became programs about life at Skuregården and the frugal life they lived.

The famous brothers abandoned farm in Denmark

A close family

After the mother died in 1977, the two brothers continued to live together on the farm until Julius in 2005 died at the age of 86.

After this, Anders continues to live alone on the farm until 2016, when he dies.

They lived a frugal life on the farm and were fond of their cattle. So when the brothers left a lot of money at their death, a memorial fund was set up in their name, and at their request with the help of Søren Ryge, for the benefit of younger farmers. However, it took four years from Anders' death in 2016 until the fund was established because the estate had to be settled and the farm sold.

At its inception, the fund had a capital of DKK 5.6 million. Kroner and distributes scholarships to young people with special abilities and interest in cattle breeding. The scholarships of 100,000 kroner each must allow the lucky ones to further their education or improve their skills in agriculture.

Livingroom at abandoned farm in Denmark
TV room at abandoned farm in Denmark

My visit to the farm

My visit to Skuregården can be one of the big reasons I visit abandoned places in Denmark.

It was nothing less than a unique look into a home that for so many years was a big part of the brothers' lives and for many others through the TV broadcasts and their hospitable personalities.

After their death, the place was cleaned up on the ground floor, and their affairs were put in order. But both the basement and attic were still well-stocked with their stuff.

Like many other of these private abandoned houses I visit, I must tread with great respect and think about the life that has been lived. For relatives, the places are often filled with great emotions.

Living room at abandoned farm in Denmark

The future of the farm

In 2019, the farm was sold, and the new owner had to go through a major clean-up on the plot before he could tear down the farmhouse and one of the stables down.

The old tractor was also sold to a younger farmer who did not want to change its characteristics.

So it was started up after many years of downtime, got a service, and otherwise not changed. So today, as before, the tractor must still be started by rolling down a hill.

Furnitures at abandoned farm in Denmark
Decay starting to appear at abandoned farm in Denmark

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