• Henrik Haupt

Abandoned houses in Denmark

Updated: Jun 5

Abandoned house in Denmark - Nature takes over living room

I have seen a lot of abandoned houses in Denmark, and they all have a very special place in my memory. But despite that, I rarely post pictures of them and write their stories. I do it mostly out of respect for the places and the feelings that may be with these houses. Now I thought it was time to make a poster with pictures of abandoned houses in Denmark.

The pictures I show here are photographed in different places.

Abandoned house in Denmark - livingroom with dead plants
Dress hanging in abandoned house in Denmark

The fly on the wall

It really fascinates me a lot to somehow become the fly on the wall in a life lived.

I get there without the emotional filter, so I see neither all the good and possible bad moments that have been. Exclusively, I form my own image and my own sense of what used to be a home for someone. And in doing so, I try to form my own vision of the story behind the house.

Main entrance in abandoned house
Decaying ceiling in abandoned house in Denmark
Beautiful Colors in abandoned house

I, therefore, do not deal with why the abandoned house has not been touched often for a number of years. I can occasionally trace something, but it's not something I want to include here in my documentation of the place. With all the reservations I have already made here, it certainly raises some more questions. One of them, and probably the most important, is Why take all these reservations?

To that, I can only answer what I have already written, out of respect for the places and the feelings connected to the houses.

Old furnitures in abandoned house
Natural decay in abandoned house in Denmark

In Denmark, we have many abandoned houses. Most of them are empty and do not have much interest in photography. But luckily, once in a while, a house pops up, with a lot of stuff from the previous owners. Things that tell a story about the very life they have lived.

It could be the clothes hanging out, ready for a new day. The coffee cups that are out on the table. The pictures on the walls, maybe of the family or things that have been important to the residents. The choice of furniture and decor in the houses.

The farm of the famous brothers
Abandoned living room with furnitures

I would very much like to see the abandoned houses in Denmark when they have had the opportunity to stand untouched for some time but still have a lot of contents. It provides a truly fascinating contrast between natural decay and the lived life.

And it gives a lot of food for thought because we suddenly do not look very significant when nature takes over the places again.

However, it takes a lot of work to find these unique places. The houses are often completely empty and thus do not provide many opportunities for the more fascinating pictures.

One of the places I have visited, and which set many thoughts in motion, was my visit to

Farm of the two famous brothers

According to Statistics Denmark, in 2019, there were 6,696 empty houses in Southern Jutland alone. This number has been steadily increasing here since 2010. The challenge for the smaller towns will also be that the abandoned houses may well weigh negatively when new settlers have to choose a town to settle in. Then it can end up as a vicious circle. However, a good cut will be made in the empty and abandoned houses, as the demolition pool in 2021 will receive 150 million kroner. The purpose of the demolition pool, or 'pool for village renewal' as it is called, is to create beautification and cleanup in smaller towns with less than 4000 inhabitants. This, of course, means that many abandoned houses will disappear in Denmark, but more will also be added, which provides the opportunity for even more exciting experiences. So, of course, I will continue to keep an eye on when I drive around.

I have made a short video from some of these abandoned houses, you can see it here: