• Henrik Haupt

Knitting Factory: My second visit at this time capsule

Updated: May 15

Abandoned knitting factory in Italy

A few months after my first successful visit to this abandoned knitting factory in Italy, I was back in the area where this very fascinating time capsule was located.

And of cause I had to try to see if I could visit it for a second time , to see what this unique place now looked like.

I love watching the evolution of an abandoned place like this, to see how the decay progresses and if the place still stands. Much of it looked like itself, but a few things had been moved around, and the two gins that stood in the hall earlier were completely gone.

Old machines at abandoned knitting factory in Italy

History research

It has been hard to find information about the factory, I have tried a few times with the municipality, but unfortunately, they send me in the wrong direction.

I have written with several people in the city, and I have searched on a sea of websites, but what I have been able to find out is that the factory was built in the early 1950s and had to close down in the early 1980s.

From the outside, a rather anonymous-looking building, which most of all resembles a fairly ordinary warehouse.

However, inside there is a complete clothing factory with machines that would require a lot of work to get running again.

Decay at abandoned knitting factory in Italy
Natural decay at abandoned knitting factory
Abandoned machines in clothing factory
Abandoned sewing machines at knitting factory in Italy

A cosy town with nice coffee

The factory was located in a small town in Italy, which I have now visited a few times.

On all my visits, I have drunk coffee at the same cosy coffee shop.

It's one of the things I love about travelling in Italy. You can easily get a little glimpse into the small towns' life by sitting down at the local coffee shop.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to ask the locals about the buildings I am to look at prior to my visit. I would prefer that as few people know about my purpose of the visit in their town as possible.

I do this to protect the places from thieves and other people with bad intentions, and for the same reason, I do not write where the different places are.

Since then, however, via various Facebook pages, I have found out that most people in the city knew well what was hiding behind the walls and preferably saw that the building was used for something more sensible than a decaying factory.

Abandoned knitting factory in small town in Italy
Nice colours and decay at abandoned factory in Italy
Abandoned work station at knitting factory

However, I would have preferred that the building could continue to live its anonymous life, and nature could continue to do its thing and make its mark on the building.

Unfortunately, the factory has been demolished today, so this was probably my last visit to an otherwise quite cosy town.

Video from my first visit.