• Henrik Haupt

Abandoned school in Denmark

Updated: May 10

Classroom at abandoned school in Denmark

At the end of the school year in 2017, the bell rang for the very last time for the approx. 350 students who went to Tjørnelyskolen in Denmark. The school, which was built in the early 1970s, was decided to be sold in order to renovate the municipality's other schools, which were in poor condition.

Swimming pool at abandoned school in Denmark

The closure of the school

The closure did not happen without protest, and as many as 6570 signatures were collected against it. But the decision was made, and the school was to be sold for other purposes. Tjørnelyskolen ended up standing empty for a couple of years before it burned to the ground in March 2019. Luckily, I got to explore the school a few weeks before while it was still in fair condition.

Power was still on at abandoned school in Denmark
abandoned school in Denmark

I have spent countless hours in abandoned places in Denmark. When I was going to visit Tjørnelyskolen, I met a friend out in the parking lot, and we went for a walk around just to see how many entrances there were and whether the place now even today had no visits from anyone but us.

Luckily, it was hard to find a door that was locked, and we were all alone, so it was just a matter of unpacking the camera and looking inside.

Library at abandoned school in Denmark
Class room at abandoned school in Denmark

Although there is not much natural decay to photograph, it was an exciting place to explore.

With most rooms completely intact, and a few of the premises had been visited by thieves and vandals.

I always try to sense what life once was like in the places I visit.

Once upon a time, there was a lot of life here, and many children and adults had their daily walk here.

It gives, as with abandoned amusement parks, some pretty clear images in my head, and they are part of what I find fascinating.

Books left at abandoned school in Denmark
Janitors office abandoned school in Denmark

Burned to the ground

Unfortunately, as written, only a few weeks passed after these photos were taken before the school burned down to the ground.

Police had been sent out to the school because some young people had been seen walking in there. The school had suffered a lot of vandalism, so therefore the place was kept on close watch.

As the police stand and talk to the young people, they suddenly discover that a fire is developing inside the school. They were then arrested, but later the youths were released as no evidence was found that they had anything to do with the fire. The fire is still unsolved today.

Abandoned school in Denmark
abandoned school gym hall

Abandoned places like this contain many stories that can be difficult to dig out. It sets the imagination in motion, and it is one of the things I find fascinating about visiting these places.