• Henrik Haupt

Abandoned theme parks - Italy

Updated: May 10

Shops in abandoned theme park in Italy

Italy is one of the countries I have travelled the most kilometres in, and there are plenty of abandoned places to visit. I love to visit abandoned theme parks, and the first stop on one of my trips to Italy would be at this small abandoned theme park. I had no idea how to get into the area. So it ended up that I parked at a distance from the park and went a long way on foot to get in. On my walk, I met several artisan cars that did not appear to meet many people with camera equipment one early morning. But they did no more by my presence, so I hurried to find my way into the area.

Fastfood shops in abandoned theme park in Italy

The exploration of the abandoned theme park

I could see that some of the buildings in the areas were being demolished, and the craftsmen I had seen earlier were in full swing with their work.

I did not know what rides there had been in the park but could see on Google Earth that something on the edge of the park could look like a roller coaster, so I walked in the direction of it, hoping there would be something interesting to photograph. On the way, I found a couple of other fun rides and a couple of fast-food restaurants in pretty good condition.

Fun ride in abandoned theme park in Italy
Fun ride in abandoned theme park in Italy

The fascination of abandoned theme parks

I got my hopes up when seeing the first fun rides had not been vandalized. I kept hoping to find the roller coaster in good condition.

And yes, it was in perfect condition, with a lot of rust and patina. I would not say it was possible to drive it, but perfectly capable of photographing. Something is fascinating about the abandoned theme parks. They have lots of charm and soul, once filled with life and happy days.

Rusty rollercoaster in abandoned theme park in Italy
Rusty rollercoaster with carts in abandoned theme park

The story of the abandoned theme park

The park was built in the mid-1960s, and in the 1980s, it reached its peak. Unfortunately, the number of visits went down, and the park tried various measures to survive. But that was not enough, and in the 2000s, the park was pursued by some lawsuits and values ​​seized. In 2008, unfortunately, it was over, and the park's valuables were sold at auction, and the park closed for the very last time.

There have been various wishes for the area, and one of the more interesting was a plan to rebuild the park. It was a project that should have been completed in 2015 and should have been a project for over 20 Mio. Euro. But today, as the pictures suggest, there is only a demolition waiting.

Rollercoaster cart in abandoned theme park

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