• Henrik Haupt

Army of Xian: Abandoned porcelain factory

Updated: May 10

Abandoned porcelain factory

On one of the longer trips to Italy, I was looking for an old abandoned factory that, among other things, has made porcelain and sinks galore.

But before I found the right hall, it required a lot of searching, where I had to go through smashed factory halls, bushes, and bushes.

Unfortunately, I was having a hard time finding the right place, and when I thought I had been in all the buildings, I was about to give up. So I had to take my cell phone in use and compare each building with the map on google, which is always a huge help.

Luckily, I could see that I had overlooked a single part of the factory area in my eagerness, and when I then started comparing the roofs, I could see that one of the buildings stood out a bit.

It is not always easy to find these places, but this time I made it known just more difficult for myself than was necessary.

Abandoned porcelain factory in Italy

Why Army of Xian?

The porcelain factory was on several floors, and it was easy to follow the process the various products had gone through before they ended up on the ground floor and could be sent out to their consumers.

The rows of moulds that stand like hundreds of soldiers in ranks provide some pretty cool motifs, I thought, and hence the name Ceramics Factory Army of Xian.

I was amazed at how many sinks were ready, and it was pretty cool to follow their path in production.

When I got downstairs, I could see the longest oven I have ever seen. It worked by sending the moulds through, using a rail system in the floor, and was ready for the last part of the treatment at the other end.

Natural decay in abandoned factory
Moulds at abandoned fatory

When I finished photographing and was going out again, I hoped there was a more direct way out than through bushes and bushes.

I was lucky enough to come across a worker from the neighbouring factory who could open the gate for me to slip out again quickly. He just wondered what was so exciting about the old buildings on the neighbouring plot.

There is always something fascinating about factories like this, which in the past have had a lot of workers come in every day. At some point, the factory has gone bankrupt or been outsourced to a cheaper production country.

It is with so many other of the abandoned places, extremely rare that a happy story precedes the closure, and it provides an opportunity to reflect on my own life.

Large oven for porcelain in abandoned factory in Italy

I have visited a few different types of abandoned places in Italy. A pretty wild powerhouse, it is this:

Decayed Power Plant which supplied power to a nearby metal plant.