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Centrale Termoelettrica: Abandoned power plant in Italy

Updated: May 17

Abandoned control room in Italy

I have a big love for abandoned power plants, and nothing beats an intact one with turbines and a control room. There is something fascinating that we never see these places, but when they are in operation, we are so dependent on them.

I have known about Centrale Termoelettrica as it has been called for several years, but unfortunately, my route has never been passed here, so I have waited a lot to be able to visit it. The control room and the giant fans I have always wanted to see and photograph.

Large fans at abandoned power plant

Beautiful details

I knew part of the power plant had now been demolished, but I thought it must still be worth a visit, so I had to make the trip past. Luckily for that, because there was still a lot to come after. Both a beautiful control room, the large rather unique fans, and not least a cooling tower were left in the area. The turbine hall itself is empty, the turbines were demolished a long time ago, and there are large holes in the floor where they previously stood. That meant keeping my eyes open and watching so I didn't fall into some of the big and small holes that were.

The turbine hall was well on its way to being smashed, and interestingly enough, the control room, which was located on the same floor, was not destroyed. That meant I got the opportunity to walk around and study all the many details that there is such a place. The control room did not have much light, but luckily for a few single windows, I could get a really nice light. For outside, the sun shone a lot outside until lots of light came in.

The light on one side of the control room comes from a door that has now been removed .... The same is the building on the other side, so today, there is just a step of about 20 meters down. The building, on the other hand, has been demolished. So another good reason to keep a close eye on where you step.

Abandoned power plant huge fans
Abandoned cooling tower
Inside the cooling tower

The short story

The power plant was built in 1958 and was powered by lignite that was mined in a mine close to the plant.

Two large Siemens turbines generated power until the lignite resource began to run dry.

The power plant ended up turning the key in 2001 and was replaced by a gas-fired power plant built nearby. There are still remnants of the former coal mine nearby, but I, unfortunately, had to stop visiting it, as just at my visit, work was in progress in that area. So I have to take advantage of it and visit again when I'm in the area next time.

Control panel at abandoned power plant
Abandoned control room in Italy

I love to photograph and visit the abandoned industrial abandoned places, but there is no doubt that power plants are at the top of the list of places I would like to see.

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I shot a small video of this power plant: