• Henrik Haupt

Chateau Dramophone: Abandoned in France

Updated: May 10

Exterior of abandoned Chateau Dramophone

On a small quiet road in France, the fascinating Chateau Dramophone build in the 1500s is located.

Fortunately, the building has been allowed to stand relatively untouched, and that's probably mainly due to the location because the neighbours live close by, and it's not a place you happen to pass by.

I arrived on a hot morning and parked a little down the road. From here, I just tried to look at the place but could not find a way to get unseen to the ground. So I just had to do my best to blend in.

On my way to the castle, I passed the neighbours, who, of course, all sat outside and enjoyed their coffee. So I was on display when I came wandering down the road. Luckily, I look like I'm out hiking with my camera bag, so most often, I can go a little under the radar without attracting too much attention.

I always try to keep a low profile because as few as possible should preferably visit the abandoned places that are out there. Then the places have the greatest chance of surviving as long as possible.

I was able to walk past the neighbours, smile, and a little further down the road, I was out of sight, and I could get into the garden in front of the castle. When I get close to the place I am going to visit, I start to absorb as many impressions as possible.

Right inside the door, I could immediately see that this would be an exciting place to visit. For the clothes of the former residents still hung, and old pictures still hung on the walls in the staircase.

Main entrance to abandoned Chateau Dramophone
Staircase on abandoned Chateau Dramophone
Bedroom on abandoned Chateau Dramophone

Chateau Dramophone in decay

In several places on the first floor, it was impossible to walk due to floors that were either collapsed or close to it. So I had to be quite careful when I moved around the building to capture some of the beautiful rooms.

Nice to be able to photograph that the contents that were still left. It gave a nice picture of the life that was lived here. One of the big highlights, I thought, was definitely the beautiful old pool table in one living room, along with the old piano and the many pictures on the walls in the adjoining rooms.

Pool table at abandoned Chateau Dramophone
Piano at abandoned Chateau Dramophone
Hole in the ceiling of abandoned Chateau Dramophone

When I was finished photographing the castle, I was on my way again. The neighbours were sitting in exactly the same place as earlier, enjoying the silence and their coffee.

I smiled and tried to look exactly like a guy on a hike again.

Like many of the abandoned places I visit, the decay has come so far that a renovation becomes a very extensive task close to impossible. Despite that, I have seen newer pictures that look like a renovation is about to start, and luckily for that, it would be a shame that this beautiful building would decay completely.