• Henrik Haupt

Chateau Marianne: An abandoned mansion in France

Updated: May 10

Abandoned chateau Marianne

This pristine mansion in a small village in France was one of the highlights of a rather long trip through five countries. I had seen pictures of the beautiful decaying bedroom, with paintings on the walls and the ceiling that was about to collapse.

Art collectors room in abandoned mansion in France

I like to visit the places the night before. Then I can check the entrance and see if the place is only worth a few hours of sleep or sleep long and move on to the following location.

As I walked around the garden looking for the entrance, I was, as always, full of excitement.

I never know what I will find, and unfortunately, I often find the places when they have either been trashed or have been visited by thieves, and that is also the fascinating part of visiting abandoned places. You never know what you are going to find.

Bedroom of an abandoned mansion

Stepping into a time capsule

Chateau Marianne, as the place has been called, however, was in a completely different category, and it was going to turn out to be an extraordinary experience.

After my night visit, I drove back to the hotel to get some sleep. It's always hard to fall asleep when I know I have to visit a fascinating place the next day.

The following day before the morning coffee, I arrived at the place again, and it did not take many minutes to get inside, and what a sight awaited me in the morning light.

Decaying room of an abandoned castle
Abandoned mansion room
Nature takes over this abandoned mansion in France

Everything in this place was still intact, just like the last owners had just left it.

Some art collectors formerly inhabited the house, and they had paintings and sculptures in every room of the mansion. So it was really fascinating to walk around and look at their art and see how they had lived and lived in the past.

The exciting thing is when places like this where the previous owners just left all their stuff one day. Especially when this is several decades ago, it feels like stepping into a time capsule.

Dining room in an abandoned castle
Room in an abandoned castle

The first rays of the sun

It is absolutely amazing to stand there in the morning, in the semi-darkness and wait for the first rays of the sun to shine through the windows. It gives a sense of standing up with the place and feeling all the details of a place that holds so incredibly much history.

I do not open drawers or cupboards when I visit abandoned places, which for me, helps to keep the tension up. In many cases, I would probably be able to get a more detailed picture of what has happened to the family or company I visit.

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However, one can probably say that the castle is entirely in a league of its own, due perhaps to the most unique rooms you will ever see.