• Henrik Haupt

Chateau Miranda: Abandoned castle in Belgium

Updated: May 10

A magic castle ..... It takes something of a building to be able to lift that title.

But that's absolutely how I feel about this beautiful castle in Belgium.

For several reasons, because it both looks like something from an adventure, and in addition, it was the first time I travelled solely to visit abandoned places, and this castle made me, to that extent, continue my search for amazing abandoned places.

Note that the pictures in this article were taken with an old camera.

Chateau Miranda an early morning

To travel to abandoned places

Then I was standing there one really early morning, down at the foot of a steep hill, with only a few hours of sleep, and at the moment, I was actually most fresh on staying in the sleeping bag.

Luckily, I braved the cold and fatigue and started climbing up the hill.

I knew I had to be pretty careful because the place was known for having a park ranger who really did not want a visit up here. There are stories about him as an aggressive man with a penchant for firing warning shots with his shotgun.

That's why I had to start so early in the day, so maybe I could reach it before he would take his first round on the field.

The castle was on a huge plot and quite impassable to have to climb up there. But I got up, and in the haze and twilight, I could see something that could be the towers sticking up behind the trees.

It was simply so wild to stand there and look at what most of all looked like something from a fairy tale.

Abandoned buildings at chateau Miranda

The history of Chateau Miranda

The castle was designed by an English architect in 1866, commissioned by the Liedekerke-De Beaufort family.

The family had moved from their former home Chateau Veves, during the French Revolution.

Unfortunately, the architect died before the castle was completed in 1907.

During World War II, the castle was besieged by the Germans, and part of what is called the Ardennes Counteroffensive was fought on the ground here.

The back of Chateau Miranda
One of the towers of the abandoned castle

In the 1950s, the castle was taken over by the Belgian railway establishment and made into a summer camp. At the same time, the castle was renamed Chateau de Noisy.

The castle was finally abandoned in 1991 when the cost of maintaining the castle was too great.

Inside the castle, most of it was broken and in a really bad condition. But I got a few single pictures, which show a bit of what it has looked like in the past.

Still some details to see in the abandoned castle
Abandoned castle in decay
The main staircase on the abandoned castle
Abandoned castle with natural decay

The citizens of the town of Celles, where the castle was located, fought to preserve it.

But without success, because in 2016, unfortunately, the demolition of the castle began. I thought it was a pity that the family did not have the same desire to preserve it.

I was hooked at first glance, and right there, I decided I needed to travel more and with a better quality camera. For that experience was, and still is, very special to me.

I have visited another place with a really exciting history and with a lot of fascinating spaces in decay.

This left the psychiatric hospital Manicomio di R in Italy with a dark past that is worth taking a look at.