• Henrik Haupt

Cyklonkessel: Abandoned power plant

Updated: May 10

Abandoned turbine hall at a power plant

It had been a long road trip through Europe, approx. 4500 km travelled over seven days, with a lot of beautiful abandoned places.

The trip ended in Germany, where I had to visit an old paper mill, which was tricky to get to as it lay down along the river on some roads I was unsure if was to drive on.

Unfortunately, the factory turned out to be completely empty, and parts of it had been taken into use for other purposes.

I knew, however, that the factory had its own power plant called the Power Plant Cyklonkessel, which should still be possible to get into, and which what I had immediately heard should still be in fine condition.

After a bit of searching, I found the right building, and with a bit of searching around the building, I luckily found a way in. It sometimes turns out to be like that at the slightly awkward end, and here it was a very steep hill that was the challenge.

Beautiful natural decay in this small office

To visit a time capsule

I entered through a small window, directly into the older of the two turbine halls.

Down a ladder, as you can see, to the left in the picture above. Of course, it stood unsafe on some wet boards,

but that was the way I was going. When I then stood in the middle of the hall, it was like being visiting a time capsule.

In the early 1920s, the old turbine hall had three large turbines and lots of decay, giving some more interesting pictures.

A few individual offices were attached to the old part, and they also had a lot of decay.

It is always the most fun to take photos when nature has found its way in. Here, among other things, there were some holes in the roof, which ensured that there was a lot of moisture in the room.

Control panel on an abandoned power plant

Abandoned places gets trashed

Unfortunately, abandoned places are smashed. It is as if abandoned places are a magnet on types who feel a great need to trash. Unfortunately, this was also the case here, and the new turbine hall was trashed entirely and overpainted with graffiti. It looked like there was both a huge party, so I did not want to take pictures.

It does not really tell me anything, although it is part of the history of the place. There I would rather stop the time a bit before so that I can get cleaner pictures.

It's also one reason why I keep the places to myself, and only after they are torn down or rebuilt write their location.

Gauges in the control room at an abandoned power plant
Gauges at abandoned power plant
pumps and valves at abandoned power plant

After a few hours of visiting the place, it was a long way out again through a window and the long walk around the area.

I will always do everything to get unseen in and out, just as if it is placed that is inaccessible, it must be dropped and tried again later.

A big part of the experience places like these is to be able to find a way in and out ...... unseen.

When I got out of there, a man came by as I was unpacking the photo equipment.

Industry sites are the ones I most often spend the most time exploring. There are often really many fascinating motifs to immortalize. One of the pretty cool ones is an old very rusty mine in France: Mineurs W