• Henrik Haupt

Decayed Power Plant in Italy

Updated: May 10

Abandoned turbine hall with natural decay

The absolute highlight of one of my trips to Italy was this beautiful decayed power plant that was indeed very decaying.

The power plant has supplied power to the nearby metal works.

Pipes and tubes on abandoned power plant in italy

On the way to the power plant, I could see my target from a long distance, and there was no doubt that the area had been abandoned and the factory had been closed for some time.

So in a way, it was pretty exciting if the place could be as beautiful as I had seen in previous photos of the place because usually if a place is easy to spot, the risk of it being trashed is also pretty high. Besides, I had heard several stories that it would be difficult to find a secure way in, so I was quite excited about the task I was going to do.

It was almost impossible to park and walk in unseen unless I was interested in walking quite a few miles, and since time was short due to the sunlight, I had to take the easiest solution.

So I parked the car near the gate, took my photo equipment, waved to the guard and went on my way.

When I entered the area and was about to find the right building, I looked a little at a map of the area, and there I was aware that the man I had waved to was actually the guard at the neighbouring factory.

So I thought he was probably on the phone to call the guy who had to look after the power plant I was going to visit, so I had to hurry up a bit.

I found the right building, and pretty quickly, I found a way in. It required a bit of climbing on some old rusty metal that didn't feel super safe.

Turbines seen from top floor at abandoned power plant

Green power plant

I entered through the boiler room, which was not my goal on this visit.

I wanted to go in and see the large turbine hall with the many rusty turbines, and as I passed the large boilers, I could see the green light coming through the windows in the hall, and has given the name Green Power Plant.

Green Power Plant is completely filled with dust, rust and old machines, and it's just a super cool place to go exploring.

As I was standing in there and had to photograph the hall from one of the overlying corridors, I could see a car driving a round around the building. So there, I agreed with myself that it was time to move on in my program.

Abandoned control panel with natural decay
Abandoned turbine in power plant

There is something particularly fascinating about these abandoned power plants.

These are places that we all depend on but do not give much thought to in our daily lives.

We press the switch and expect that the lamp turns on.

But behind that, there are plenty of people at work, right up until the day these places are shut down for the last time.

Another of the large power plants I have visited was also used to supply power to a factory in the steel industry.

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