• Henrik Haupt

Decayed swimming pool in Italy

Updated: May 23

Lots of natural decay in this abandoned swimming pool

I had a long drive through a small Italian town, up through some winding roads before I could park the car in front of this slightly particular combination of a greenhouse and swimming pool.

But as I stood there looking at the greenhouse, I could really well understand why this place had been abandoned.

Although the pool that was hiding had both seesaws and a long pool, the only thing that was nearby was a few single neighbours, and it is not a place you happen just to pass by. So it probably would not have been easy to run this place if the only guests were the residents from the nearby village, and guests from outside would have just as much difficulty getting around like me.

Abandoned swimming pool in Italy

Natural decay

It was difficult to see what condition the place was in, for part of it might look like there had been vandalism, but it turned out that many things had been removed, probably in an attempt to get it torn down.

Luckily, the pool itself had minimal vandalism but was filled with shrubs, trees and plants.

There was a lot of glass from the skylights. Whether they had been smashed on purpose or by wind and weather, I do not know. But they had at least made room for nature to grow beautifully indoors.

So this place had all the options for cool pictures and really made it easy to capture fascinating pictures with lots of natural decay.

Natural decay at this beautiful swimming pool

There is not much to save here anymore, and the place now just stand and rust silently away. I suppose the neighbours are looking forward to it for them hopefully being torn down, so they can get a better view, and that the pool does not overshadow an otherwise beautiful view beyond the nearby town.

But I hope the place will have some more years, and let nature do its thing.

Often if you go down in some local newspapers or look at local Facebook pages in cities with largely abandoned places, you can often read posts from angry citizens who want to tear down and use the space for something in their eyes a lot better.

Abandoned swimming pool with natural decay

It was my first stop that day, and it was a lovely place to start with, and stand and enjoy the morning coffee while enjoying the silence.

The next stop on my route that day was with a lot less luck. I had to go without being able to take any pictures as the place had been locked off, but that's the name of this game, you never know if you are able to get in.

In Italy, there are many beautiful abandoned places. A lot of sun and sometimes a good amount of rain makes sure that nature can come inside and create some amazing motifs.

See a short video from my visit