• Henrik Haupt

FDGB Mooskombinat: Abandoned hotel from GDR

Updated: May 14

accommodation in an abandoned DDR hotel in Germany

In a very small German town, close to the Czech Republic border, I was to visit this old hotel.

Often when I visit these places, I have to choose the right time to go in so that any neighbours do not become too curious.

I prefer to focus so little on where the places are so that they are not unnecessarily exposed to, for example, vandalism and theft.

But here on the city's main street in the middle of rush hour, there were several minutes between each car.

So it was no problem to go unseen directly through the door. Otherwise, it happens not so infrequently that I have to go and look like someone watching birds or is out for a walk.

However, it can be complicated with a large photo bag and camera tripod under my arm, but it usually works fine.

If someone surprises me in my work, I have previously shown pictures and tried my best to explain my interest in old derelict buildings, which sometimes yields some fun conversations.

Decayed restaurant in Germany

Well, but back to my trip, the place I was supposed to visit is FDGB Mooskombinat.

FDGB is an abbreviation for the German Freier Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, which loosely translated means 'The Free German Trade Union Federation'. It was the national union of old East Germany. The union had its own holiday homes and hotels, which the members could use when they were on holiday.

This is where this town hall comes into the picture because in that connection, it was used for both restaurant and accommodation.

The building had clearly been abandoned for several years. Firstly, the building was in a state of disrepair. Besides, I found dates on various calendars and packages.

After the time as a hotel, I could see that various restaurants had been run, and it looked like last time there had been a pizzeria and a Chinese restaurant on the lower floor.

Abandoned DDR hotel in Germany
Beautiful natural decay in abandoned DDR hotel in Germany

Natural decay

The higher I went in the building, the more moisture and mould there was. I found out that the cause was a lot of broken and missing roof tiles. So rain and snow could penetrate, which subsequently had difficulty drying.

The result of the very humid environment was that there was a completely unique natural decay in some of the rooms. Moss and ferns were allowed to grow, which gives a fascinating sight when you walk around indoors and can see the moisture drifting down the windows and the wild plants grow.

I love this kind of decay. It clearly shows that nature takes over when we leave places without renovation.

When I walk around places like this, on the one hand, I always want to photograph all the exciting details, and on the other hand, I want to stay there as short as possible.

Unfortunately, that is often the dilemma I end up in because the most fascinating pictures, is without a doubt, those with a lot of natural decay.

Unfortunately, the place is not salvageable, so it's probably only a matter of time before it's torn down.

Natural decay in abandoned DDR hotel in Germany
Decay in abandoned DDR hotel in Germany