• Henrik Haupt

Fine art photography ideas

Updated: May 10

Photographic art printed on AluDibond

Five examples of beautiful photographic artworks?

If you are looking for pictures for your wall at home, you might be sitting and researching what is out there.

There is a lot to stick to, and many questions that arise ... What sizes are there? What material should it be printed on, and should there be a frame or not?

Below I will give you some inspiration on what benefits there can be with large images and what you should be aware of when choosing.

If you need inspiration and help with which store pictures to choose for your decor, then you should follow here.

Photographic art from abandoned castle Non Plus Ultra

Photographic wall art

Today, we are used to being bombarded with images on our screens, and often we do not really see the images we quickly scroll past on our computer or phone.

On the other hand, when the photographs are printed in large format and hung on the wall, something very special arises. Suddenly you can see many more details and explore the image in a way that is not possible on a small screen, and especially large images for the wall work perfectly for it.

I shoot with a camera designed to print large images, the camera has a full-frame sensor with a lot of megapixels, which allows the photo to be printed large, and it can capture details even if you zoom far into the image.

On my website, I have various ideas for the wall, which probably all can be put in the category of modern pictures. But I have chosen to keep them within three genres of photography, abandoned places, night photography and nature.

Familiar to them all is that they are beautiful images that can fit on your tapestry or in your decor. It is only the imagination that sets the limit.

All my photographs are printed in the best quality I have been able to find, and here the choice fell on my own favourites, which are UltraClear and Aludibond print. Both of these come printed as photo art with fittings on the back, ready to be hung on the wall.

Photographic art of Nyhavn Copenhagen

Large AluDibond prints

When choosing pictures for the wall, one of the important things to decide is what material you want it printed on.

There is a big difference in the finished look, and it becomes clearer when you choose to have large images printed.

AluDibond is an aluminium plate that is printed directly on. It gives a semi-matte look and is suitable for high-contrast images. The expression becomes a bit more subdued than with a regular photograph, and it can fit into many types of decor.

Although on AluDibond, there is no glass or lamination over the photograph, it is still very durable and can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Photographic art print of Futuristic control room

Large UltraClear prints

UltraClear prints are the most luxurious you can get with printed images.

You get your photo printed on Hahnemühle gallery paper, which is acid-free paper that does not make the colours fade.

The print is glued directly to diamond glass, which has a minimum of reflections. This gives the print an incredibly delicious sharpness and depth that you can not achieve with ordinary glass and frame.

As the finishing touch, you get a handmade frame that completes the luxurious look.

Photographic art print of Greenhouse Pool

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