• Henrik Haupt

Green school: Abandoned political school

Updated: May 29

Natural decay at green bar

On one of my trips to Eastern Europe, I visited this really fascinating political school.

The school, which has been named Green school, is located in a quiet village in the former Yugoslavia.

I had driven a good distance out into the country, in an area, I did not at first glance think would make sense to place such a large school in.

But in the middle of the day, without meeting anyone in town, I could drive the car all the way up in front of the building, and take the camera under my arm, and go straight inside.

Movie projector at abandoned school

A bit of the history

In his time, new Marxist knowledge was taught at school, which was the second of its kind in the city. But the first to be built was already at the opening in the mid-1970s, too small to house the party members who were going to conferences and for teaching.

This new school was ready in 1981 and was significantly more impressive. 145 rooms, sports hall and cinema, were some of the things the new school could show off.

The school functioned for most of the 1980s and was towards the end for a short period in use as a military academy. But the school lost its function when the war in the former Yugoslavia broke out, and during the war, the school was used to house internally displaced persons. They lived in the building until 2003, and after they were rehoused, the building here has been abandoned.

Movie theatre at abandoned school

An exciting indoor climate

The school is located in an area where there is rain in abundance, lots of sun and the winters can be quite harsh. So what started as a few small smaller holes taken quickly grew large, and today water and snow can get easily into the building.

The building is built of concrete and covered in many places with stones and tiles. So the water that comes in finds its way in, does not come out so easily again, and when the sun bakes in through the large windows, something really fascinating happens to the building.

So indoors, the place had its very own micro-climate, a constant sound of dripping water, and generally lots of moisture, moss and beautiful green ferns. The decayed rooms and halls, provided an intriguing contrast to the otherwise raw tiles and concrete.

It is difficult today to save much other than the raw concrete shells. But before the place was attacked so much by moisture and mould, some of the books were thankfully saved and preserved. The remains of the books lay during my visit to the former cinema and around various places at the school.

Abandoned gym hall

The future of the former school

The place has been for sale several times, but the latest attempt to turn the place into a tourist complex dedicated to the former president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, has not succeeded yet, but work is still known.

The local population hopes that the future will soon be clarified.

Abandoned school in Eastern Europe
The bar at abandoned school

Places with as much decay as here, my absolute favourite is to photograph. It provides some exciting contrasts and interesting photographs.