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Inspiration: Fine art prints from 3 places in Copenhagen

Fine art prints from Copenhagen

I love photography in fantastic Copenhagen, which is why I have made a series with photographs from Copenhagen. It is a series of pictures with pictures of Copenhagen taken at night.

The city is constantly evolving, and both new and old buildings stand side by side.

In our daily lives, we walk past many interesting places that we do not pay much attention to.

But when it is photographed at night, they suddenly get a new life.

Some of the pictures are taken places we do not usually come to, but are a new view of the city around us. Others will be places you have seen many times, but you may not have seen from this very angle.

I have collected a few of them as inspiration here.

Central square

Photographic art of central square

Occasionally there are opportunities to see the city from a roof or a building that is not normally accessible. But when they do occur, I'm always ready to go with my camera.

During the recently completed subway construction, I was given the opportunity one evening to photograph from the terrace of a new hotel.

From the ground just a green annoying obstacle, to be able to cross the square quickly.

But from the height of the buildings, the central square suddenly got a whole new look, which I really wanted to photograph.

I have photographed with a shutter speed of 5 seconds because I wanted some light trails on cars and bicycles.

The neon lights from the various billboards around the central square provide a nice contrast to the dark night sky.

A place we often see, but from an angle we rarely see.

Copenhagen central station

Photographic art central main station

I have spent an incredible number of hours at Copenhagen Central Station through my work in the now-defunct TV studios.

Therefore, I have also seen corners of the central station that only a few are allowed, and for a period, I even had my own key to the old hall.

I have always been fascinated by Copenhagen central station, and especially being able to walk around the hall almost alone has been exciting.

There is something very special about seeing the place completely empty, and as soon as the doors are opened, it swarms with people for the next many hours until it is shut down for a short while at night again.

When the old post building, which was one of the Central Station's neighbours, had to be demolished, I saw my cut to get an alternative shot of the old building.

You get a fascinating angle on the old building, with the trains and cars in motion, which gives an idea of the bustle in and around Copenhagen Central Station.


Photographic art of Nyhavn

As darkness falls, the city changes mood and new motifs emerge.

Often, something we know so well is suddenly much more interesting when photographed in the proper lighting.

The photograph of the old harbour, with the beautiful neon signs and beautiful buildings, is one of my favourites from this series.

I went for a walk through the surrounding streets to find a few motifs, but when I came home and looked through the pictures, I could see that the image that worked absolutely best was this shot from Nyhavn.

The otherwise typically crowded harbour has calmed down, and when I went on a cold evening, quite a few people were there to see, and not much could disturb the calm picture.

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