• Henrik Haupt

Knitting Factory: Abandoned in Italy

Updated: May 15

Abandoned Knitting Factory in Italy

Sometimes it is not easy to find access to these places, and this beautiful Italian clothing factory has been one of the places that have given me the most sleepless nights.

Every time I have been near this factory called Knitting Factory, I have tried my luck getting in.

Unfortunately, it had not been possible to enter until recently because it had been shut tight every time.

But I know that sometimes it helps to be persistent and not give up because the status of the abandoned places changes all the time, so you can eventually be lucky.

I was on summer vacation approx. 100 km from the factory, and on an early morning, I had to try my luck again.

I left the hotel early to arrive in the city early enough that the residents of the city were not yet awake. I parked a bit from there so as not to attract attention and hurried to the door before there would be people in the streets.

Luckily the door was open this time…… I was super relieved and excited it was finally possible, and I could get to explore this exciting place.

Machine in abandoned Knitting Factory in Italy

Through the darkness, I could see that I was walking around the office area at the end of the factory, and I quickly found my way to the factory hall where I knew the interesting photographs were. I was thrilled to see that the place had hardly changed since the first pictures I had seen of it, a few things had moved around, but otherwise, the place looked like what I dreamed of.

Sewing machines in abandoned Knitting factory

Walking around in a time capsule

With a lot of smashed windows in the ceiling, it provided some of the most beautiful natural decay.

In the pictures, it looks damp, but at the time of my visit, it had not rained for a while in the area. So every time I sat my foot down, it sounded like I was stepping on cornflakes, and I was afraid that the noise could be heard on the outside.

Overview of the factory floor in abandoned Knitting Factory
Decaying floor in abandoned factory
Abandoned clothing factory in Italy
Beautiful decay in italian Knitting Factory

At the bottom of the factory, housing and offices were situated. That gave a perfect picture of how long this place had been empty because I stumbled upon some dates in the early 1980s on papers.

However, the offices had been visited by thieves who have been looking for valuables, so I only did a few single shots up here.

I was super happy to visit this one finally and enjoyed it for a while in silence while I stood and overlooked the factory. I tried to lock the door as best I could as I slipped out again, so the place could hopefully stay in the same condition.

This is one of those places I had been waiting a long time to see, and I was not disappointed.

Unfortunately, I cannot revisit the place as it was demolished recently, so another one is gone.

Abandoned office in Knitting Factory
Main entrance hall in abandoned Knitting Factory
Kitchen in abandoned factory in Italy
Abandoned factory floor in Italy
Decaying machine in abandoned factory
Beautiful decay at abandoned factory

Video from my visit: