• Henrik Haupt

Les Thermes Bleus: Abandoned spa in France

Updated: May 10

Abandoned spa in france

On a dull, cold, and rainy morning, I was sitting in a rental car in a parking lot in a small silent village in France.

I was tired and really did not want to go out in the wet weather, so I had to persuade myself to leave the warmth of the car. But I had an idea of what was hiding behind the trees some distance away, and it was a place I had a pretty good idea that would be very photogenic.

I pulled on my rainwear and rubber boots, and then I had a long walk through fields and forest to find this rather special and unique place.

Decayed room in abandoned spa

When I got all the way up to the building, there was no doubt that I had hit the jackpot because it was clear that the building had been abandoned for a good number of years. There is an excellent opportunity for something exciting when you can see trees and shrubs growing outside the masonry.

I wanted to get inside as soon as possible, both because of the rain and if anyone had spotted me.

It turned out to be a bit awkward to find an entrance, and I could not immediately find any. So I had to go all the way around the building and try all the doors and windows.

So I was about to lose faith and feared I would have to turn around without getting inside. It was right up until I tried the front door, which of course, stood completely open.

Fortunately, it can be quite easy once in a while, but unfortunately, it is not always easy.

Blue tiles at Les Thermes Blues abandoned spa in France
Main pool at Les Thermes Bleus - abandoned spa in France

A beautifully abandoned spa

Les Thermes Bleus has previously served as an old luxury spa and had a beautiful turquoise theme throughout the building. The large pool was definitely the highlight here, but there were also various interesting rooms for treatment, with details that were also quite exciting to photograph.

Les Thermes Bleus was not vissible from the road, so luckily, it had not been vandalized and was only left with the natural decay that had been allowed to develop without too much interference.

The decay was most evident on the two long corridors on the living room floor and at the main entrance.

Even though I was wet and tired, I was glad I had overcome the weather, and after photographing the place for a few hours, I could walk back under a blue sky in the morning sun.

So the weather followed the mood that morning, and it was a lot better on the way back to the car.

Les Thermes Bleus in France
Doctors room in abandoned spa
Decaying doctors room in abandoned spa

Another fascinating place I visited one early morning is this abandoned Italian theme park

There I found a lot of stalls and rides still intact. But the highlight was, without a doubt, an old steel slide where the carriages still stood.