• Henrik Haupt

Limited edition photographic art for sale

Updated: May 9

Photographic art print of Miniera T

Inspiration and ideas for your picture wall

I have been photographing for many years and have documented many abandoned places. With love for both photo art and abandoned places, it made good sense for me to continue working on some of the photographs I brought home from my travels.

When we talk about photo documentation and photographic art, it is essential to distinguish between them. Photo documentation provides no opportunity to make creative choices in finished images. Here I document the reality I see without removing or adding details to my photographs.

On the other hand, photographic art allows the artist to make some creative choices, make the work create a feeling, deliver a message, or do something I like to do to create space for the imagination.

All the places I visit have a story behind them, and I try to give a bit of it, but still so little that the viewer himself has to create the story through the work and the place I have photographed.

I have made a small collection with my works of exclusive limited edition Photographic art for sale

In order for the photographic art to remain exclusive, all works are limited editions, and they are printed in editions of a maximum of 30 pieces.

I have two different favourite materials, printed as UltraClear and on AluDibond.

UltraClear: Print on Hahnemühle Silk Baryta, glued directly to diamond glass to reduce reflections and finished with a hand-built frame in black-stained ash wood.

AluDibond: Printed directly on a semi-mat AluDibond plate. The AluDibond printing is completed without a frame.

All finished works are numbered and signed.

Prices in the size 75x50 cm are, AluDibond: EUR 400 UltraClear: EUR 650.

Photographic art of beautiful Nyhavn in Copenhagen

I love high-quality materials, and therefore my photographs are only printed on selected materials. The materials are chosen carefully because each material has its own property and gives the works a different look.

I always want to try new things, but in my search for the best, I have come across many different materials that, in one way or another, have not proved good enough.

Christiansborg photographed at night, printed as photographic art

Choose the materials carefully

AluDibond is completely non-reflective, but since UltraClear is behind glass in a frame, a bit of reflection can not be avoided. However, the reflection is minimized, as the print is glued directly to diamond glass, with a glue that is specially designed for the purpose. The glass is iron-free, so you avoid the green colour that is in an ordinary glass.

Kelenföld powerplant printed as photographic art

Limited edition photographic art with a focus on the details

I believe that photographic art must be presented in the best possible way, and the execution must be perfect. I have tested several print labs and found those that can deliver the highest quality and care for the details in the finished works.

The result is that no matter what material you want to get printed on, you get photo art that lasts the rest of your life and will not fade or become dull.

Photographic art printed as UltraClear