• Henrik Haupt

Maison Limmi: Abandoned house in Belgium

Updated: May 10

Maison Limmi fireplace in livingroom

A few years ago, I was driving around Belgium to look at abandoned places, and I had several fascinating places that I hoped were possible to visit.

Among other things, I had to visit this rather special villa, which was really uniquely decorated.

I had a pin on the place on my map, but the ground was completely overgrown since my marking.

It had grown so much that I ended up driving past a few times without being able to see it.

It really just looked like a big bush, so I was glad I insisted on having to look in behind the hedge where the house should be located.

I found a suitable place to park the car and found a hole in the bush, and luckily, I was able to glimpse a house inside behind the trees.

Maison Limmi dining table

I have, as always, tried to search for some information about the house, but unfortunately, it has been quite limited with information. The house should have been abandoned for over ten years. But other than that, there has not been much information about this villa in my research.

Maison Limmi kitchen
Maison Limmi bedroom

At the time of my visit, the house turned out to be a bit of a treasure, with a lot of cool details and beautiful old furniture.

Due to the very limited amount of light that could penetrate the overgrown garden, there was a rather limited amount of light. It gave both a little challenge to get the long exposures sharp, as the floor was pretty unstable. But it also gave a very special atmosphere over the house.

Maison Limmi diningroom
Maison Limmi livingroom
Maison Limmi details in livingroom

I thought the living room was really cool. There were a lot of details to look at. The large fireplace in the middle of the living room helped separate the dining room from the living room. The large window area with the round sides, and the large wooden dining table, and the living room with porcelain on the shelf and the old vinyl records ready to be listened to.

Maison Limmi, as the house has been called, was really an exciting place to visit, and yet a bit dark.

To give a picture of how densely trees and shrubs had grown to the ground, I got some pictures with my iPhone of the car, that was parked in what had once been the driveway.

Maison Limmi car hidden in overgrown driveway
iPhone picture of car hidden in overgrown driveway

Theft and vandalism

Unfortunately, not long after my visit, the house here was first subjected to theft and then extensive vandalism. So the feeling of going back in time quickly disappeared again from this place.

Belgium has had and still has many abandoned places, and I have visited Belgium quite a few times to photograph them. But unfortunately, Belgium has also long been the PLACE you should go to. It also means that some of the places are visited by many people in a short time, and unfortunately, with the increased focus on abandoned places, it is almost inevitable that they do not end up with the same sad fate.

Therefore, it is essential to point out the importance of saving the locality of the places and arriving without everyone on the street being able to see what you are doing, keeping the focus away from these exciting places.