• Henrik Haupt

Miniera T: Abandoned mine in Italy

Updated: May 10

Abandoned mine

I had long ago seen this mine, called Miniera T, on a map when I was looking for interesting places to visit. It did not look like the big one on the map, but I could not see what the buildings looked like. It was only from the old exterior photographs that I could see it probably had something extra.

When I saw some time after came driving off the mountain road, I could see the building from a bit of distance, and there I could see that it would probably be an excellent opportunity for some incredible photographs.

Beautiful old buildings, at this old mine

When the weather is playing ball

Unfortunately, the weather was not with me that day because it rained a lot, and just when I arrived, there was quite a lot of haze around the mine, which made it a little harder to get a clear picture.

I parked the car in what seemed to be a safe place. But that did not turn out to be the case because just as I was getting out of the car, I heard a car braking violently hard. I looked up and saw a car directly on its way to me, with blocked wheels. Luckily, it got the grip again and smoked in the ditch instead. In the car sat a man and his wife, who did not exactly think he was the hero of the day. We freed the car and sent them off again, but it was such a bit with the heart up in my throat that I went on.

I walked around a bit and looked at the buildings, and luckily the haze eased so I could get a proper picture of the mine,

Luckily it ended up being pretty nice, with the haze that had been pulled up around the mountains in the background and with the river running in the foreground. And of course the beautiful and very colourful mine.

Abandoned mine in Italy
Abandoned mine

The History

The mine is located in a mountainous area in Italy, and it can be dated back to the 15th century when people started extracting silver. Since then, other things have been mined, and the mine has at one time been used for research.

In 1931, the mine was used to extract fluorite, which is used in the steel industry, which has also been mined in the other mines in the area. Miniera T closed in 1999 and has since been abandoned.

Entrance to the mine
Mine shaft in abandoned mine in italy
Rust in abandoned mine in Italy

Usually, there is no doubt that I will have to look inside, and I do not know if it was the experience with the car, the very wet clothes, or the fatigue that made me lose a little courage, and actually would rather sit in it hot car.

But I only briefly stuck my head inside and did not find it very interesting to photograph in the first halls I looked into. Next time I am in the area, I will definitely swing the car past again.

The hike up the mountain and the view of these beautiful buildings were worth it all.

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