• Henrik Haupt

Non Plus Ultra: Abandoned castle in Italy

Updated: May 10

A beautifully abandoned castle in Italy

This is one of those places that I had dreamed of visiting since I had seen the pictures some years earlier.

A beautiful Italian castle with the most amazingly decorated rooms.

It was with great excitement that I, an early morning in the darkness, walked the long way up the mountain to see if the door was still open.

Abandoned Non Plus Ultra castle in Italy

The night before, I had checked if I could get in. I usually do that in the more significant places to check how and where the entrance is and how the place looks like. Entrances are not always that easy to find, so I like to be prepared.

When I arrived, luckily the door was still open, and the place was exactly as it was when I had left it a few hours earlier. It was a great experience to walk around in the dark in the large beautiful rooms and try to sense the grandeur of the place. Here I could go and enjoy the silence and wait for the sun to rise so I could get started photographing and documenting the place.

Beautiful details in this abandoned castle
Beautiful craftsmanship that decays today

A unique experience

The place is hard to describe because it is both ways too much, and just really beautiful at the same time. I am a big fan of wanting to spend so many hours building such a unique place and then in a place that is a little complicated to get to.

When today, a few years after my visit, I look at the pictures from there. I can not help but still be wildly impressed with that place.

A beautifully abandoned castle one early morning
The chandelier still hangs on this abandoned castle
Peacock room in abandoned Non Plus Ultra castle

The castle, which is called Non Plus Ultra, dates back to the beginning of the 17th century, but the building as it looks today dates from a major renovation between 1843 and 1889.

After World War II, the castle was used as a luxury hotel, and in 1999 it was acquired by a company that wanted to turn it into a luxury resort. But after that, nothing really happened anymore, and the project went down the toilet. Therefore, the castle ends up being abandoned for several years until my visit.

Beautiful rooms in abandoned castle in Italy
Non Plus Ultra room in abandoned castle in Italy

Shortly after my visit, the castle was wrapped in fences and scaffolding, and a major rescue project was initiated.

Luckily for that, because during my visit, I could see that the entire top floor was damp due to a leaky roof. So it would have been only a matter of time before all these beautiful spaces would look a lot different.

The future of the castle is still uncertain, it has been for sale sometimes, but it has still not been sold.

I hope that this time they succeed in finding a buyer with enough money for this castle to be allowed to stand for many years to come. Fortunately, there is a good portion of volunteers helping to keep the place in good condition.

Another of the places whose historical value is so great that the municipality had to intervene,

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