• Henrik Haupt

Peppermint Power Plant

Updated: May 16

The abandoned Peppermint Power Plant

I have been on quite a few trips to Germany and seen many power plants. At a closed paper mill, I found this little power plant.

I have not been able to trace much about the power plant, but the paper mill is from the middle of the 19th century, and like many other things in this area, it had to be rebuilt after the destruction during World War II.

The paper mill went bankrupt in 2002, and since then, it has been possible to rent the premises.

Among other things, the fire brigade has used some of the premises to do exercises. In addition, a small museum was to tell the story of the paper mill.

pipes and valves at abandoned power plant

My visit to the power plant

The area was completely open, and even though there were many abandoned buildings, I only found two buildings that still looked in good condition. So since the factory was otherwise entirely ruined by vandalism, my expectations were not very high for what was hiding in the hall with the chimney.

abandoned power plant in germany

It is always exciting to see if there is anything open in these places. And immediately everything looked closed, but a look in through the windows revealed that this part was something for itself, so I did not give up so easily.

Luckily, I found an open door and entered the basement under the turbine hall. Down here, it was not very interesting to look at, so it was only when I found the stairs up to the hall that I was somewhat surprised. This part was still in super nice condition, a time capsule that has fortunately been allowed to stand for a number of years, even though most of the rest in the area was very trashed.

The power plant could use both oil and coal

The power plant could use both coal and oil to fire up under the boilers. It served as a backup solution because there was only a single turbine at the plant to produce electricity.

I could hear a buzz from the power that is still being carried through the plant today.

I guess the plant today functions as a relay station, so it is still in such good condition.

Lots of decay at abandoned power plant

The place still had many interesting details I could walk around and look at. The foreman's office with a look both into the boiler room and into the turbine hall was pretty cool because there I could stand and get an idea of how the work here once was.

Foreman office at abandoned power plant

In some places, plants have started to grow inside, and this always provides a beautiful contrast to the otherwise raw industrial buildings.

Plants grow inside on abandoned power plant
control panels and decay

Without a doubt, the highlight was the beautiful mint green turbine hall, which has also given the place the name Peppermint Power Plant.

The panels were still buzzing, and all the power had not been peeled off yet. I do not know what one has thought it was to be used for, but it was definitely exciting.

Mint green control panel
The end of the turbine at the abandoned power plant

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