• Henrik Haupt

Photographic printing materials

Updated: May 9

Photographic art print of Colours Of My Mine on wall without frame

Photographic art must touch and move, and therefore it must be presented in the best possible way.

When you need to get the best result of a photographic art print, material choice is crucial as all materials have different properties.

So I put a lot of effort into testing different print materials as I did not want to compromise quality.

My tests have shown me that it has been of very fluctuating quality, and what might hit the spot on one photograph hits right next door on another.

That is why I collaborate with a certified print lab, ensuring that all prints have perfect quality.

Therefore, the two print types I offer are carefully selected, as too poor or too fluctuating quality does not go in line with limited edition photo art, which should last for many years.

When you see printed photographic art, you visually see what the artist wants to display in the artworks.

Photographic art print of Futuristic Control Room on wall in living room

High-quality printing is the basis for exclusive photo art

The print types I offer are:

  • AluDibond - Printed directly on a 3mm thick dimensionally stable AluDibond plate, with black core and white parked front and back. It gives an exclusive, semi-food, reflex-free expression. The print comes without a frame, so you get a sharp finish, where the black core of the AluDibond board is visible when you see the print from the side. The picture will be finished with hidden brackets so you can hang it up. Here it will float out from the wall, highlighting the sharp finish.

  • UltraClear - Is the absolute best in printing technology and framing. The photograph is printed on 'Hahnemühle Silk Baryta 310gr' gallery paper, a thick, acid-free photo paper that reproduces a large colour space and a deep black colour. The print is glued with an optically clear glue directly on a 4mm diamond glass, an iron-free glass that does not have the greenish colour of ordinary glass. In this way, you achieve a minimum of reflection, and the print gets a unique depth that almost feels like 3D. The work is framed in a handmade solid black-stained ash wood frame, and on the back, a couple of special frame suspensions cut in stainless steel are used, which both help to strengthen the frame and ensure you can hang the picture very close to the wall, and easily get the frame to hang level.

Photographic art printed on Aludibond without frame
Photographic art printed on UltraClear with handcrafted wooden frame

Production time

All works are made to order, so production time must therefore be expected.

It varies depending on the printing method selected:

AluDibond: approx. 2 weeks.

UltraClear: approx. 3 weeks.

All photographs are printed in a maximum of 30 copies and will then be discontinued.

It is your guarantee to get a piece of limited edition photo art printed in perfect quality.


AluDibond in 75x50 cm: EUR. 400

UltraClear in 75x50 cm: EUR. 650

I ship to all over the world.

Here you can see the artworks I have done Photographic art for sale

Photographic art print of Villa PDO as UltraClear with black wooden frame

Contact me for a no-obligation chat, if you want other sizes or materials, we can talk about it too.

The most important thing for me is that the works have the same quality for many years to come, so there are things that can not be done.

You can get some inspiration for photo art here: Fine art photography ideas