• Henrik Haupt

Kelenföld Power Plant: Abandoned Art Deco control room

Updated: May 12

Beautiful skylight on Kelenfold power plant

I had seen quite a few pictures of this beautiful Art Deco control room in Hungary, but only of older date, so I was in doubt whether this place still existed or it might have been retaken into use.

There was not much to be found on the internet about what had happened to it, but I hoped and expected it would still be possible to visit. I discovered that the building and the control room are protected and may not be demolished by Hungarian law, which got my hopes up.

As I was planning an extended road trip through Europe, fresh images of the control room suddenly appeared, so I had to quickly get the route corrected to pass Hungary and the area where the power plant is located. It's one of the places that has long been at the top of my list of places I want to visit, so I did not want to miss the chance.

The control room is hidden in a closed part of a power plant called Kelenföld Power plant.

With a lot of research and some visits to previous power plants, I had a pretty good idea of ​​how I could get to the exciting part I was looking for.

Hallway in abandoned Kelenfold power plant
Stairway under Kelenfold power plant

My search for the control room

One early morning I tried my luck, and luckily I found the entrance a whole lot easier than I had dared to hope for.

Now it just required that I found the control room, and what I thought was going to be easy was not straightforward.

I had to start from one end, and open all the doors, and look in all the rooms I passed.

The building is a bit interestingly constructed, it seems as if they had the drawings ready for the control room, and all the walls, rooms and corridors were built around it. But when you see the room, you understand why you wanted this room and the ceiling to appear in the best possible way.

After many wrong attempts, I finally opened the door to the basement under this amazing control room.

The staircase in the middle of the dark basement, and I could see the light from some of the ceilings in the control room above. However, I just had to get a few single shots of the stairs, which I have been quite happy with.

Symetrical stairway under Kelenfold power plant
Kelenfold abandoned power plant

An experience beyond the ordinary

It isn't easy to describe the feeling when you get into these more interesting abandoned places.

It is with equal parts excitement and joy because you never know how long you can stay.

Maybe it's just the day that workers or others happen to pass by and check how the place is doing.

It's all about getting started photographing as soon as possible while taking in all the impressions. And this place was an experience beyond the ordinary, and I'm pretty sure this is a one-off.

Details at abandoned power plant
Buttons and gauges in abandoned control room

I ended up spending some time in here, and luckily without being disturbed.

So the visit was a great success, and definitely one of the places I will remember.

I could then continue my trip around Europe on what was to be one of the longest trips I have had.

Beautiful skylight in Kelenfold control room