• Henrik Haupt

Power plant V: Abandoned and decayed power plant

Updated: May 23

Abandoned power plant V

Beautiful decayed power plant

I was on holiday in Italy, and in addition to good food and relaxation, I had a few abandoned places on the map that I would like to visit. One of these was this old decayed hydroelectric power plant, filled with beautiful details and natural decay. Although it ended up being a few hours of extra time in the car and a walk through the bushes in 40-degree heat, it was really worth it all.

Old turbines in abandoned power plant

The trip to the power plant

I parked outside the area and walked the long way around behind the power plant because this was where it seemed to be my best options.

It ended up being quite challenging because the area was massive, and the road meant both dense scrub and steep hills.

But that was the way in, and I ended up reaching my goal well soaked and with my legs full of tears.

I then found out later that the area was completely open in several places, and I came across a bunch of nicely dressed women who were out for a walk, so I laughed a bit at myself going in the most difficult way.

Decayed abandoned turbine hall

The history before the power plant was abandoned

The power plant dated from the beginning of the 1900s and was to produce electricity for a chemical factory that was part of the Italian steel industry in the area.

When the metal works in the years around World War II supplied steel to the military industry, both these and the power plant were subjected to a huge bomb attack.

The power plant was rebuilt after the bombing and was active for a number of years.

The power plant closed and shut down for the last time in the 1970s, and since then, the place has been allowed to decay without too much vandalism and the like.

Controlpanel in abandoned power plant

Old turbines and natural decay

The power plant produced power in some old turbines that were powered by the water from the river that was led through the area from the mountains behind.

When I stood in the hall, I could both feel the moisture and hear the power of the water rushing under me for full force. It was essential to keep an eye and to be aware of where to step, for a fall in one of the holes that led to the water below would be really unfortunate, and it would have been challenging to get help in this area.

In the old turbine hall, a couple of the turbines still stand, and if you cross the walkway, you enter the control room. It all looks really nice with the old machines and the nature that has started to take over.

The power plant consists of a newer part, which I have been able to read up on has been used to open and close the various canals in the river below and next to it to get the correct flow of the water.

Abandoned hydro power plant in Italy
Abandoned Power Plant V

See a short video from my visit here: