• Henrik Haupt

Sisters of decay: Abandoned monastery in Italy

Updated: May 10

Beautiful decay at abandoned church Sisters of Decay

An abandoned church with beautiful marble altars with high pillars, a ceiling that has collapsed, and topped with many statues was what I had heard before the journey went towards this beautiful church.

That church did not turn out to stand alone because when I walked in by a single door, I stood in yet another church that looked completely different, which is why this place is called the Sisters of Decay. So I was a little surprised when in the twilight, I just wanted to see the place before I had planned to visit the place the next morning. The visits the night before are a pretty good way to get an idea of what I can expect from challenges and whether the place is open at all when I arrive with my camera the next day.

I would like to prioritize this on my travels, so usually, it stands on a nice dinner to end with a quick reconnaissance.

Cracks in ceilings and walls at abandoned church Sisters of Decay

The history

The church is from the 1700s and was decorated by various artists. The local community had donated a lot of money to the church, and therefore it became possible for the nuns in the church to have the various artists living. They, in turn, gave back by decorating the churches.

The church's roof has given way, and what has started with small holes has quickly grown large. With wet autumn and winter periods, it has ended up that both roof tiles and some load-bearing beams now lie in one church room. In addition to the two churches, the place also consisted of a monastery, which together with the churches formed a fine courtyard in the middle. The associated buildings have previously functioned both as a school and as a hospital. The monastery and churches were abandoned in the 1990s.

Interior at abandoned church Sisters of Decay
Entrance to the abandoned church Sisters of Decay
Courthyard at abandoned church Sisters of Decay

Natural decay

I looked briefly around the adjoining buildings around the churches, but there was not much to catch up on. Most of them were difficult to move around in as both the roof and floors were very rotten. So here it was only a few single pictures. The place is quite centrally located in a city, so unfortunately, there have also been thieves stealing some of the valuables. But there were lots of things to photograph, and I thought it was a beautiful gem with a lot of natural decay.

Natural decay at abandoned monastery in Italy
Nature is taking over this abandoned monastery
Abandoned monastery in Italy

The future of the church

The challenge for this place is that there are three different owners, and there have been challenges in finding the right owner who should take responsibility for the renovation. So while the papers are being tossed back and forth, this place is decaying more and more. The last thing I heard from there, and something that has made the whole thing a lot more troublesome. Then the last person to sign the papers was urgently admitted to a hospital, so it had to be postponed once again.

I really hope the money and the right makers are found to renovate the roof of this place, but I think it seems a bit unlikely.

Statue at abandoned church Sisters of Decay
Interior at abandoned church Sisters of Decay
Abandoned church Sisters of Decay
Beautiful abandoned church