• Henrik Haupt

Spinning Mill: Abandoned clothing factory in Austria

Updated: May 10

Abandoned spinning mill in Austria

This clothing factory located in Austria was built in the 1870s. The factory would benefit from the nearby river to power all the machines. During the war, the factory was used for other purposes than weaving fabric. Another company moved in and made communications equipment for the military. But in the 1950s, the factory was taken over again and would restart the textile production. At that time could provide work for over 200 employees.

By the end of the 1960s, the machines had become too old, and they had to be replaced with newer ones. At this time, the factory provided work for almost 300 people, who unfortunately all had to leave the factory in 2004. By this time, there was less demand for the textile industry in the area.

Abandoned clothing factory

The exploration of this beautiful spinning mill

I had been waiting some time for the opportunity to visit this fascinating weaving mill. So it was with a great deal of excitement that I walked down the road through the woods towards the factory.

I quickly found a way in because all the doors were open. To begin with, I was standing in the part of the factory that was far from resembling what I had seen in previous photographs. Half-empty rooms and halls, and at the same time with very few machines, so I only photographed a few of them.

The building looked like something that had been expanded several times, so it required a bit of concentration to make sure I would see it all.

The factory was hiding two large rooms, which were the ones I really wanted to find. Here I hoped to see all the old weaving machines in rows. But after some time, I had lost my orientation, and I was beginning to doubt whether they had been emptied of machines.

Luckily I found the rooms exactly as I had dreamed. They were both a look back in time, with the smell of the old oiled machines and the worn wooden floors. You could sense where the workers were standing for many years around the machines because the floors were worn a lot more there.

A place like this is one of those unique experiences I love to think back on.

Abandoned weaving factory

It was difficult to photograph because the machines were so close together that it was difficult to get a good overview. I spent a lot of time finding motifs, but luckily I also had plenty of time to walk around and imagine what the work here had been like.

rows of old machines at abandoned weaving factory in Austria
Abandoned factory in Austria
old machines in abandoned factory
Abandoned clothing factory machines

After a few hours at this factory, I had to find the car and move on because I had quite a few kilometres to what was to be one of the great experiences on my travels.

Namely, the most beautiful control room I've seen, on Kelenföld powerplant in Hungary.

It is one of the places I have been most happy to visit.