• Henrik Haupt

Teatro Balconi: Abandoned theatre in Italy

Updated: May 10

Abandoned Teatro Balconi in Italy

Occasionally, pictures pop up on the internet of abandoned places that are truly in a class of their own.

Many things make an abandoned place special, the architecture, the decay or the history.

When I stumble across the pictures, I always save them, locate, and visit as many of these places as possible.

The abandoned Teatro Balconi in Italy is located in a small village, and from the street, it is impossible to guess what awaits on the other side. Luckily, I knew exactly what was hiding because of my research up to the visit.

Abandoned Teatro Balconi stairway

My visit to Teatro Balconi

The night before I had planned to visit the theatre, I went up to see how I had to enter the place.

It turned out to be a good idea because to find a way in was not the easiest when this too was to happen without the neighbours noticing me.

After some long walks in the area, I found a way in. However, this meant that the next morning I had to start very early, as otherwise, it would be impossible to get in unseen. Luckily for that, shortly after I got inside, there was life in the street right outside.

Abandoned Teatro Balconi old beautiful velour chairs

The history

Teatro Balconi was completed in 1851, and due to lack of space, in 1933, it was expanded with balconies on three floors. Over a number of years, the performances became fewer in the otherwise popular theatre, and in 1978 during a heavy snowfall, part of the roof collapsed ever since the theatre has been abandoned.

Abandoned Teatro Balconi decay

A fantastic experience

When I stood inside, I could immediately sense that the place contained much more than just the image of the theatre hall that I was looking forward to.

Just to walk around among these rows of seats, and try to get as many impressions as possible, was really amazing. There were so many details to look at and so many motifs to capture that it was hard to stop photographing.

The old velour upholstered chairs had previously been used in the expensive seats, along with the old wooden chairs from the cheaper ones. All with a thick layer of dust, which gave them a really nice patina.

The rooms around the theatre hall were very compact and not lavishly decorated like many other places in Italy, but it was compressed into the most necessary, in order to make room for a large and beautiful theatre hall.

Abandoned Teatro Balconi chairs
Abandoned Teatro Balconi entrance to the floor
Abandoned Teatro Balconi scene

The future

There are lights in front of the theatre, the place has again been well closed off, and craftsmen are working on it in the building.

The municipality has set aside around 500,000 Euros for a rescue project to ensure that the place does not completely collapse. The importance of the rescue project became clear when the last part of the roof collapsed on the stage an early morning in 2019.

Abandoned Teatro Balconi beautiful details