• Henrik Haupt

Teatro Guido: Abandoned Italian theatre

Updated: May 10

Beautiful abandoned theater

In an Italian city, this beautiful theatre called the Teatro Guido is located at the main square.

I really wanted to go in and see this place because I had been pretty unlucky at my previous stop.

That place had been locked off, and the place was so big that I spent quite a few hours looking for an open door, and when I had started in the evening, it had ended up being middle of the night before I got out of there. But this is how it is when you have no idea of how to get into the places.

I arrived in this city where Teatro Guido was located and was then able to get a few hours of sleep in the car before entering the theatre.

But I had difficulty sleeping in the car, so I dropped it, hoping to find a place to sleep inside the theatre. It was easy to get in, and in the dark, I found one of the lovely leather seats and sat down to sleep there.

Decaying leather seats in abandoned theater

The history of Teatro Guido

The theatre was inaugurated in 1895, during the summer village festival. Until the beginning of the First World War, it was used as an opera house, and theatre plays such as Faust, La Boheme and Carmen were performed, to name a few. In 1956, the theatre was expanded to also function as a cinema.

During the time the theatre was in use, four renovation projects were carried out until it was last abandoned in 1983.

In 2012, the area was hit by an earthquake, and fortunately, the theatre is still standing. However, there has been a need for some securing of the outer walls, so a temporary solution has therefore been set up to secure the building.

I have read a few places about a desire to have the theatre renovated completely. But unfortunately, money is not enough for the big project it will need to carry out such a big renovation.

A view from the top floor in abandoned theater

A pleasant surprise

I woke up quite abruptly because all the kids in town were standing right outside the building, shouting. It turned out that in the square just outside the theatre, the school bus came every morning and picked up the children. It surprised me a bit because it was early Saturday morning, and I did not immediately expect it.

It was actually a very appropriate time, but when I saw the theatre, I quickly forgot that I lacked both sleep and morning coffee.

This unique theatre was truly an exciting experience, and when the sun came up over the neighbouring building, sending the first rays in through the windows, it was truly an amazing sight to wake up to.

It didn't take long before I walked around trying to take in all the impressions.

The smell of the old wood, the dust that whirled up as I walked around. The sun shining through the broken windows and the ripped stage carpet. All of this helped to provide a fantastic experience that only an abandoned place that had stood for so many years can provide.

It really was a wonderful place to spend my morning.

Behind the curtain in abandoned theater
Abandoned Teatro Guido in Italy