• Henrik Haupt

Top 5 abandoned places

Updated: May 10

Top 5 abandoned places

I wanted to make a list of the five most exciting abandoned places I have visited.

I found this to be almost impossible because every time I think back or look through my pictures, some new ones pop up that could be on the list. However, I have found the five places that keep coming back in my memory and have made a big impression on me.

Teatro Balconi

On a more extended trip through Europe, one of the absolute highlights was definitely this old theatre from the mid-1800s. The theatre was well attended, and it was also necessary to expand the hall to make room for more guests.

The theatre was in the middle of a small Italian town, and to make sure I could get in unseen, it was time to get up early so I could see this beauty.

I've seen some really cool abandoned theatres, but this one is without a doubt the most beautiful.

You can see the pictures from this place, and not least read the story: Teatro Balconi

Abandoned Teatro Balconi
Abandoned theater in Italy

Knitting factory

I keep coming back to this place when I think of the coolest places I have visited.

A big part of the reason is probably that I had tried to get in a few times without success. But luckily today I can say that I managed to visit it twice before it was torn down. The place was abandoned in the early 1980s, so it was like stepping into a time capsule.

See the pictures from my first visit here: Knitting Factory

Abandoned knitting factory in Italy
Sewing machines at abandoned clothing factory

Kelenföld power plant

Although I have seen many abandoned control rooms over time, this is undoubtedly the most interesting.

No matter how many times you see a picture of this ceiling, you can not imagine how amazing it looks in reality.

Fortunately, it has been decided by Hungarian law that it must not be torn down.

See my photos from the visit here: Kelenföld powerplant

Abandoned Kelenföld power plant
Abandoned power plant in Hungary

Manicomio di R

This mental hospital has a dark and fascinating past.

Incarcerations and trials of patients are among the stories that exist about the place.

So it was really exciting to walk around and get a sense of how the place had been used in the past.

See the pictures from my visit here: Manicomio di R

Abandoned Manicomio di R
Decayed rooms at abandoned mental hospital

Non Plus Ultra

When I first saw the pictures of this place, there was no doubt I would have to visit it myself.

So the first time I was in the area, I drove past and walked the long way up the mountain.

Luckily the door was open, and I could take a look inside. It was a wild experience to explore the many interesting rooms of the castle.

See more photos from my visit here: Non Plus Ultra

Exterior shot of an abandoned castle in Italy
Abandoned Non Plus Ultra castle in Italy

Luckily, I still have my eyes on a lot of cool places, so the journeys don’t end here, and my top five will hopefully be updated later. The goal is still to see the most intriguing abandoned places I can find, and new places always pop up.