• Henrik Haupt

Villa Pavone: Abandoned villa in Italy

Updated: May 10

Abandoned Villa Pavone

Hidden behind the bush

Hidden behind the bush along a major highway in Italy, this huge luxury villa was located with beautifully decorated rooms. I was able to park close to the villa and quickly found my way into the buildings.

But the first buildings I came to were not particularly interesting. In fact, at first, I thought all the buildings had collapsed, but it turned out to be an old barn alongside the villa I had first found.

The villa could not be seen from the side I entered, so that I could have easily overlooked it due to the dense vegetation. I had to go through some dense scrub before I could see the shadow from the large villa.

Dining room in abandoned Villa Pavone

Despite the house not being visible initially, it turned out to be a colossal villa with many floors. Beautiful large rooms as you know it, from the mansions of the old Italian lords. A lot of furniture and contents were still there in the different rooms, which I would prefer.

However, the house had been visited by thieves who had taken everything that could easily be sold and who had cluttered all the rooms so that there was paper and stuff everywhere. But the contents that were still left gave a very good picture of how the villa had been decorated and how life had been in the large home.

The most fascinating thing about these large mansions and villas, I think, is the beautifully painted ceilings that I often find in Italy. It is so far from the large clean estates we have here in Denmark, and I think it feels very Italian.

The room I was most fascinated by was the room with the round sofa in the middle. The paintings on the wall were still almost visible after the many years they had hung there. And then, of course, the beautiful green sofa in the middle of the room with the light from the windows in the background.

So I thought the villa was an exciting place to explore.

Library in abandoned Villa Pavone
Master bedroom in abandoned Villa Pavone

Villa Pavone

When I was going to return to the car again, I thought I would use the main entrance instead and take the direct road out, instead of the long detour through the forest.

Here I found out why the house has been named Villa Pavone because there is at least one large peacock in the garden of the house. I only noticed it when I came out of the house again. I actually got a shock because I was sitting and enjoying the sun on the stairs when a pretty big bird came out in the corner of my eye between the trees.

But it was not exactly interested in what I was doing in the house, so it quickly slipped away again when it caught sight of me sitting and looking at it. But ok it probably has mostly the garden to itself, so I think it also got a bit of a shock.

I do not know when the bird came to or has been there with the previous owners.

But a fun little experience to take home.

Beautiful staircase in abandoned Villa Pavone
Bedroom in abandoned Villa Pavone

On the same trip as these photos are taken, I visited an abandoned clothing factory.

I had visited it once before, though, but this one was worth visiting several times.

Knitting Factory: My second visit at this time capsule

Unfortunately, the factory is demolished today, just a few months after my last visit.