Terms of trade

Please note that your 14-day cancellation right does not apply to customized products, that most of Haupt Production's products are.

But since I do not doubt the high quality of the product, I will go a long way to meet your wishes. See ‘Right of cancellation’ in this document.

See the Consumer Contracts Act §18, para. 4th


Information about henrikhaupt.dk:


Haupt Production

Brøndbyvestervej 114

DK-2605 Brøndby



Phone: +45 31 14 55 11

Email: post@hauptproduction.dk


CVR no .: 38393243


Bank: Arbejdernes Landsbank

IBAN: DK8053260000250749



When you place an order, you agree to the general trading conditions below for hauptproduction.com



All prices are shown in EUR and include Danish VAT.



You have the following two payment options:

Payment cards and bank transfer.

(NOTE! By bank transfer you are not protected by the opposition scheme) 

After ordering, we send an e-mail with bank details to you. The product is put into production when the payment is registered.


For customized products, the amount is deducted when the production is started.


Data processing:

When you make a purchase, we record your personal information in our system.

Of course, we fit your information and treat them in accordance with the rules in the Personal Data Regulation / Data Protection Act.



The standard production time for customized products is approx. 2-3 weeks, and hereafter, we ship your product.


You will always be informed of the price before we start the production of the ordered product, and of course, you have the opportunity to let the trade go back if you do not wish to carry out the order on the basis of the shipping price.



If delays occur, the orderer is only entitled to terminate the agreement if, at the same time as the agreement has been concluded, the client has clarified the importance of delivery taking place at exactly the specified time.


Transport damage:

Immediately upon receipt, check if the packaging has visible damage. If the item is transport damaged, do NOT acknowledge receipt. The carrier must return the package, and you should then contact us about this. If you first discover the damage to the item after arrival, you must immediately contact us with picture documentation. Including the damage to both the product and the packaging. Always make sure to store the packaging until the case is settled.



All products that are custom-made are legally entitled to withdraw until production begins.


The Consumer Contracts Act §18, para. 4th

If the agreement relates to the distance selling of a non-financial service or a product to be manufactured or adapted to the individual's individual needs, the right of withdrawal applies only until the performance, manufacture or adaptation begins when the consumer has previously given his consent for the trader to begin execution. etc. before the expiry of the withdrawal period. However, this restriction on the right of withdrawal does not apply if the agreement in question relates to regular delivery and is concluded during or in connection with the trader's telephone inquiry to the consumer without his prior request.



Under the Sale of Goods Act, all goods are entitled to a warranty period of 24 months. The warranty means that you, as a customer, can complain about defects and defects in the product, which have occurred for up to 24 months after the purchase. However, it is a condition that these deficiencies have not arisen as a result of improper use of the product or other damaging behavior that has caused the defect. You must advertise within a reasonable time after you have found the fault. As a consumer, you can demand replacement of the goods if the complaint is justified, and the replacement does not entail unreasonable costs for Haupt Production or otherwise is impossible.



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